Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc.

Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc. Incorporates initiatives undertaken in the recycling sector to service these unique requirements.

Paint Recycling

We can receive your left over paint cans and if there's still good quality paint in them we can often have it recycled into new product. Whether these paints are from your home or from a business we are often able to help out recycling these materials. Sometimes paints aren't amenable to recycling, however we can often make sure they have the second use as a fuel blend product. In this way the waste paint can be utilized in facilities like cement kilns to produce new products like cement. At the same time, cement kilns offer great mixing and combustion temperatures, residence times, and acid gas scrubbing, making them a good fit for fuel blend products such as cement.

Paint Industry Recycling Partner

Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc. is very interested in partnering with paint companies interested in recycling paint through their company. We believe our expertise in the waste management industry, combined with our past experience in paint recycling lend itself to a good working partnership with environmentally interested paint manufacturers. If you are interested in such a venture we look forward to exploring this opportunity with your company. Our facility is fully licensed with ministry the environment for just such a purpose.