Single Day HHW Programs

These types of events typically occur once or twice a year and are designed to collect household chemicals from the residents of your municipality. The set up begins the day before and the clean up and departure happens after the collection day is done. Single day events best address the needs of smaller communities that that do not have year-round demand or communities that are generally new to the concept of the HHW program and would like to try it out for the first time.

If a permanent HHW collection facility does not exist in your community, Brendar Environmental is licensed to operate its Mobile HHW Collection Operation. Essentially, we bring the collection facility to you! This convenient and "self-contained" operation is perfect for smaller or remote communities that cannot support a permanent HHW depot or wish to "test the waters" before deciding whether they need one. To learn more about operating a mobile HHW collection event in your community give us a call or "click here" to request more information.