Client Satisfaction

Our experienced and capable account managers' goals are to ensure that we provide you with the services to get the job done in an efficient, environmentally sound and regulatory compliant manner while minimizing interruption to your operation.

We feel it is vital to have clear and honest communication with our client, especially with special projects or long-term programs. Communicating what's going to be done or what has transpired is important so you know how the program is advancing or if there are any issues, you can be aware of them.

With valuable input from your environmental coordinator we will customize the on-site handling and transportation services to be cost effective and efficient to suit your needs. If you have specialized requirements for a particular project – talk to us, we can coordinate and manage it for you.

Ultimately, we want the work to be done with all of your issues addressed so that it "just happens" – easily and with minimal disruption. Hopefully you hardly know we were there, other than the fact that the materials are removed and you have some paperwork that clearly finishes the transaction.

When you enlist our services we take it very seriously. We are very thankful for the trust you have taken in our company and staff, and we won't let you down.