Accessory Services & Consulting

We have the flexibility to adjust our programs to help you manage yours.

In addition to regular waste management services there is an assortment of accessory services that a firm may require from time to time. Brendar offers a host of accessory services that have been developed from our experience in past projects. We have the flexibility to adjust our programs to help you manage yours.

Outlined herein are a number of those specialty services we have offered in the past. If its not here, please do not hesitate to contact us – we might just have the capability to assist in some fashion.

Sampling and Analysis: Do you need sampling for landfill approvals, sewer use discharge testing or perhaps a concern for a particular contaminant like PCB's or some heavy metals? We can assist with the sampling and analysis for your requirements.

Site Remediation/Spill Clean-ups: When you have identified contamination on a property and are now preparing to clean – up the contaminant, you have to look at all your alternatives. If you are preparing to dispose of materials off site we can put together a program for assessing materials (perhaps some will meet non-hazardous criteria) and then arrange for their transportation and disposal.

Project Management: (Plant Closures / Site Clean-Up /Emergency Response)
Perhaps you have a project but not the available staff. Perhaps it is a clean up of a warehouse or you have the unfortunate task, of a plant closure. You have a spill and now need the emergency assistance to get it contained and cleaned up. We can assist with the on-site coordination as well as doing the actual work at your facility.

Generator Registration: Generator registrations with the MOE can be challenging due to lack of familiarity with waste classes and descriptions. We can do this as your "agent" and get your facility "legally registered" for shipping of hazardous wastes.

General Consulting/Environmental Approvals: There are many elements that are all part of the waste management services today. If you have some general requirements and limited resources, we can apply our knowledge and services to suit your requirements. This may include designing & developing your Household Hazardous Waste programs, preparing your Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) applications, or assessing your current waste management practices.

PCB Services: If you have a collection of ballasts or capacitors and now want to dispose of them – contact us and we will look after getting them removed for safe transport, recycling and disposal.

Regulatory Training: There are a number of regulators that form the basis for chemical waste handling. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods, the MOE Ontario Regulation 347 and WHMIS are key regulations to any chemical management program. Based upon scheduling and availability we can offer this in house training for your firm.