PhotoxAir Purification System

This has been some exciting technology Brendar Environmental has reviewed and studied. The technologies incorporated into the Photox (formally the LeVOCC in Canada) units and we were struck with its capabilities and environmental potentials.

The Photo System is an electrically powered unit, which utilizes a specialty precious metal catalyst, embedded filter, ultra violet light energy source and an air fan multiple pass of enclosed airspace.

How it Works!
The air moment draws in the airborne chemicals, odours, viruses, bacteria, spores or fungus which gets impaled on the cute scale of the catalyst embedded filter. Here the catalytic and UV light action breakdown the chemicals or microbes. The effectiveness can vary with airborne loading verses filter contact for treatment, as well as ability to draw the airborne contaminates (ie the contaminates must be able to drawn in by air flow fan).

Special Feature's and Benefits

  1. Significant and on going investment in testing of this technology has provided (and will continue to develop) difficult to acquire certifications. In association with this are the on going efficacy testing of microbial and chemical contaminant degradation. These studies continue to develop a portfolio for on going industry and government certification work (see certification below).
  2. Some of the current uses have established workplace efficiency for situations such as funeral homes (formaldehyde degradation) and hazardous waste management facilities (organic chemical odour degradation).
  3. Medical application work is an on going area of study. A number of trials have been conducted and will continue to be developed to compile data on microorganism concentration reduction for various types of organisms- viruses, bacteria (including specific representative strains mycoplasma, fungal and spores). Although some work is on going the multiple pass effectiveness in reducing airborne microbial contents has been very interesting piece of work.

Brendar Environmental is an approved dealer for the Photox Air Purification Systems (formally LeVOCC Systems) and any of these units can be shipped.

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