Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc.

Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc. Incorporates initiatives undertaken in the recycling sector to service these unique requirements.


If you have recyclable material.. Give us a call; we can help with proper recylcing!

If you have electronic devices, batteries, and other parts that are no longer in working condition or are no longer used don't let it clutter your home and pile up in landfills. Give us a call and let Brendar Environmental help you buy recycling your electronic waste responsibly.

Brendar is pleased to offer E-Waste recycling solutions and our Recycling Facility (Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc. - "BERI") for businesses, residents, and large institutions.

The Brendar Environmental Recycling Facility has been specifically developed to provide processing and recycling solutions for a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, focusing strongly on responsible E-Waste recycling. While the Brendar Environmental Recycling Inc. is fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment for waste battery processing and recycling activities. The BERI Facility collects, consolidates, stores, and recycles batteries of all types and chemistries.